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People often wonder about the history of Bush and how we got our start in the HVAC business…
It all started in 1963 when business partners Milton Light & Hy Mancher rented an office in the Bush Terminal building located at 130 West 42nd Street in Manhattan, officially establishing Bush Wholesalers, Inc. While the offices were located on an upper floor, interestingly, the inventory was stored in an old bank vault in the basement of the building.
Milton & Hy saw much success in the early days of Bush and moved to Brooklyn, where they would have more space to house their growing inventory. Sadly, both of the original owners of the company passed away in the 1970's, leaving Bush’s legacy to new business partners, Norman Graff and Milton’s son, Ed Light.
Under new ownership the company continued to grow in size and product offerings. Once again, Bush outgrew its space and moved down the block to its current location at 637 Sackett Street. Under new leadership, Ed and Norman brought on new manufacturers, broadening their scope of sales and expanding their customer base. After many years of hard work, Norman retired in the early nineties and as his father had done before, Ed brought on his son, Leigh to learn the business of Bush Wholesalers.
The company’s ongoing growth lead to the creation of the Bush Sales, Plan & Spec division. Bush was uniquely positioned to warehouse a variety of air distribution products in the heart of Brooklyn to service both wholesale and plan & spec customers.
In 2010, Ed retired from Bush, turning the reigns over to his son Leigh, who is the current owner and president. Bush is now a successful third generation family business. We look forward to a continued partnership with our trusted vendors and customers and further growth in the years to come.
637 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217